I've been doing a lot of thinking recently and have decided to make a few changes, which I think will make The Curious Parcel even better. If you don't mind sparing a few minutes I'd love to tell you more.

Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Then I'll begin (and I promise to keep it brief!)

Why I'm here 
I flippin' love artistic experiences, particularly things that involve me like immersive theatre, live games and craft workshops. But since having kids and moving to the suburbs I don't have the time or money (or let's face it the energy!) to connect with those things as much anymore, and it left me feeling like I was missing my spark. So I created The Curious Parcel to make it easy for people like me to bring artistic experiences into their lives, and connect with the curious, creative and playful people they are inside.   

With this in mind I've decided to make the following changes... 

Buying a Parcel 
The whole point of The Curious Parcel is that it's supposed to be easy, and to fit around your busy life. But when I looked again at how you get one - remembering the launch date, signing up within a specific window of time - I thought, hold on that's not easy at all! You already have plenty of demands on your time and things to remember you don't need one more.

So you can now buy a box whenever you like. I'll still release a new one every 2 months, designed by a different guest artist, and you can still give them as a gift, but getting one should be much easier.

Down the rabbit hole (or not)
From chatting with a few people, I've realised that not everyone finds it exciting to be kept in the dark. So if you do prefer to know what's in store (and I don't blame you, life is surprising enough!) then you can now buy previous boxes from the website. For you adventurers, never fear the current box will remain a well kept secret (shh!).   

Just gotta be me
The Curious Parcel is run by me, Hannah (hello!), mostly on my own. So I've decided to stop pretending I'm a big faceless brand and write my posts as me. My first foray into the first person. Wish me luck!

What do you think? Are there other things that could make The Curious Parcel better? I'd really love to hear your ideas.  Email me at for a chat!