Following the white rabbit

Falling into the daily grind and losing touch with your creative side is almost an accepted symptom of modern life – but why? There are so many things that can be elevated from drudgery and turned into a creative experience, but sometimes we’re so blinkered that we can’t seem to open up to it.

In creating The Curious Parcel, I’ve given a lot of thought to ways in which we can be more engaged and therefore, hopefully, happier and more satisfied – here are my tips for bringing a little more creativity and curiosity into your everyday life:

  • Really do what you’re doing

  • I've spoken about double-screening before, and this is related to that – do one thing at a time, and give it your full attention. Listening to the radio in the car on the way to work? Listen to it. Listen to the words in the song, think about what they mean to you and what they might mean to somebody else. Watching a film? Put your phone away and concentrate on the story, try to lose yourself in it.

  • Ask questions
  • Wondering what something is or does? Want to find out more about someone that you don’t know very well? Ask. As long as the question isn’t rude or intrusive, whoever it is will likely be more than glad to share their knowledge and experience, and you’ll probably learn something new. Ask people where they’ve travelled, what their favourite book is – something beyond, ‘What are you up to at the weekend?’

  • Make up stories
  • This is a little exercise I like to do when people-watching; I give them a backstory. You don’t need to be sat in a quiet café to do this though – it could be the person in the car in front, the woman you always walk past on your lunch break, even your postman. Daydream about what their life might look like, how their day is going so far, who they’ve crossed paths with. I find that doing this makes me feel generally more open and empathetic, and the stories in my head are like little journeys into the unknown.

  • Subscribe to The Curious Parcel
  • Of course, I had to put this one in here! The Curious Parcel allows you to flex all of the creative muscles listed above, and more. It’s something that you need to give your full attention to, just for a very short period of time, it makes you ask questions and forces you to think creatively. You can do it in your PJs, or you can dress in a ballgown or a three-piece suit, with full hair, make up and accessories. You can give as much or as little of yourself to the experience as you like, and get out much more than you put in. Just open the Parcel, and fall down the rabbit hole…

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