Guest artist

February's Curious Parcel is a created by the very brilliant 

Verity Standen

Verity is a Bristol based composer, director and performer. Her work explores the human voice and how it can be celebrated and transformed through live performance.

Verity’s performance pieces have been presented in theatres and concert venues, galleries, museums, dance festivals, village halls and cafes. Wherever it is performed, music is always at the heart of Verity’s work; she creates sound worlds, often using intricate vocal techniques and rich harmony, and allows each audience member to interpret the mood and story for themselves.

The Curious Parcel founder, Hannah says: "The first time I saw Verity's work I was blindfolded and hugged by a performer as they sang softly in my ear! The show, 'Hug', was really immersive with performers moving all around you (as well as hugging you!). It left me tingling and moved me to tears. I recently saw her show 'Undersong' which had the same immersive and emotional effect, and truly demonstrated the power of the human voice. I'm so excited that Curious Parcel subscribers will be able to experience a little bit of her work wherever they are."

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