How it works

We invite guest artists to create mini-immersive theatre experiences - something to fire your imagination and transport you away from the daily grind (for a few moments at least!). Best of all they can be enjoyed wherever and whenever you like.

Every 2 months we release a limited run of 100 boxes and you have until the 23rd of the month to snap yours up. 

Each box features new piece of art - it might be words, sound or film - created exclusively for us and some special chosen items to enhance the experience. Everything is beautifully designed and packaged to make it feel extra special. 

Our experiences need you to bring them to life. Simply follow the instructions to release the magic. 

 Follow the steps below to begin your curious journey.

Step 1

Set your alarm for 9am on the release date.

Step 2

Visit the website and choose either a subscription or one-time box.
You can even give it as a gift (you generous thing you).

Step 3

Open up your Curious Parcel, follow the instructions, and let the fun and wonder begin!

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