Our story

by Hannah Slimmon, Founder

Back in 2014 I was skipping all over London, footloose and fancy free devouring as many theatrical experiences as I could get my hands on. From Secret Cinema to Punchdrunk to one-on-one performances, I was all over it.

Fast forward 18 months and life's a bit different: I'm in the 'burbs with a baby and a new job. The competition for my time and money had hotted right up and I just couldn't nurture my passion as much any more. Netflix is all well and good but it doesn't feed my creative spirit or fire my imagination the way theatre does, and I missed that bit of me.

It was also around this time that I started noticing all the subscription boxes out there. I was intrigued by how they helped busy people to connect with the things that make them feel good- be it cooking, crafting or beard grooming - in a convenient and fun way. And it got me thinking why not use this model to help people connect with theatre, wherever and whenever they want?

And so The Curious Parcel was born.

I’ve always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland and it’s her curious adventures that inspired our name and white rabbit mascot. My hope is that each Parcel will take you on a little journey ‘down the rabbit hole’ and leave you feeling surprised, delighted and perhaps with something to ponder.

Look, we both know it's no substitute for the amazing-ness of live theatre (I wouldn't want it to be), but hopefully The Curious Parcel will tide you over 'til your next visit, connect you with some amazing new artists (and old friends), and nurture that playful and creative spirit that makes you, you.

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Meet The Team

Hannah Slimmon - Founder
Hannah is a theatre producer with (nearly!) 10 years experience of working with theatre makers to create new art. Originally hailing from the Midlands, she studied American History in Brighton before moving to the Big Smoke to pursue her passion for theatre. She has produced projects for some of the UK's leading contemporary theatre artists and organisations including Bryony Kimmings, Fuel and London International Festival of Theatre. She is currently International Producer at Farnham Maltings, mum to a toddler, step-mum to a tween and married to that bloke below. Alongside theatre she enjoys crafting (badly), baking (badly) and gin drinking (she's pretty good at that!).
Clare Marshall
Clare Marshall - Art Director 
An experienced designer and art director Clare has worked for major retailers and has a background in publishing and editorial design. She has a keen interest in photography and art and also has an affinity with Croatia travelling there every year whilst learning the language. She can often be found on a dance floor dancing underneath a glitter ball! 
Clare works with each of our guest artists to create the look and feel of their box.
Jamie Slimmon - Illustrator
Jamie has been illustrating all sort of things for the last 15 years, working mostly in advertising with a little foray into gaming. He now heads up a team creating storyboards for TV adverts.
When he's not drawing (which is pretty rare!) he likes hanging out with his family, making things out of wood and badgering Hannah about getting a dog.
Jamie made our logo and takes care of all the ad hoc design bits.

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